South Asasif Conservation Project Conference
October 1-4
Mummification Museum, Luxor

The main focus of the conference is current archaeology and research on tombs and temples of the Twenty-fifth – Twenty-sixth Dynasties in the Theban area. The conference is organised by the South Asasif Conservation Project team as the first event in a series of regular conferences on Egypt in the First Millennium BC. We expect it to become a place for Late Period scholars to share information on the latest archaeological discoveries and research. The amount of work done in this area is growing every year and we feel the need for a regular gathering place where scholars can bring their questions, ideas, and suggestions, which will encourage discussion. Therefore, the format of the conference combines presentations with discussion panels to give more room for communication. The conference will be accompanied by field trips to archaeological sites related to the period.

The conference is free for colleagues affiliated with Egyptian institutions and organisations and for scholars and archaeological missions by invitation.

We are asking everyone who wants to attend to register as the number of seats in the Lecture Hall of the Museum is limited.





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